Table of Contents

  • Prophetic Rhetoric
  • Types of Prophetic Rhetoric
  • African American prophetic Tradition
  • Prophetic Persona
  • Henry McNeal Turner (Bio sketch)
  • Rhetorical Education of Turner
Chapter 1. "Let By-Gones be By-Gones": Emancipation and Turner's Celebratory Prophecy

Emancipation Day Speech
  • American as Divinely Inspired 
  • Slavery and the Civil War 
  • Prophetic Reinterpretation of Slavery
  • Prophetic Reinterpretation of the Civil War
  • "Blessings and Freedoms"
  • Turner's Prophetic Encouragement and Hope

Chapter 2. "Hurling Thunderbolts" and "Fighting the Devil with Fire": Turner's Prophetic Disputation

On the Eligibility of Colored Members to Seats in the Georgia Legislature Speech

  • Turner's Sacred Grounding
  • Prophetic Refutations
  • Prophetic Critiques and Judgments
  • Prophetic Warnings and Judgments
  • Prophetic Hope and Encouragment

Chapter 3. "To Seek Other Quarters": Turner's Mission-Oriented Prophecy

Negro Convention Speech (four part rhetorical structure)
  • Grounded in the Sacred
  • The Sharing of the Real Situation
  • Critique, Challenge, Warning and/or Judgments
  • Encouragement and Hope

Chapter 4. "No Future for the Negro": Turner's Pessimistic Prophecy

American Negro and the Fatherland Speech
  • "There Is No Manhood Status for the Negro"
  • Turner's Pessimistic Vision
  • Turner's Prophetic Lament

  • Turner's Prophetic Persona